​Software and firmware updates are no-charge service updates for PC-based software products. To download Software/Firmware use the download links below. For more information about available downloads, follow t​he corresponding information links.​​

If you are unable to download from this site, contact us​​ for​ assistance.​​

​ASX Dashboard Software + Firmware Bundle for CETAC Autosamplers​ ​(ASX-560, ASX-280, XLR-860, APS-7000 series, ASX-7000 series, and Oils 7000 series)​ Includes C-Term Serial Terminal Program and Xpress Configuration Tool
​v. 1.5.9
August 15​, 2023
​ASX-560/280 Update for Element and Neptune
v. 1.0.0
​September 9, 2017

​ASX-110FR/112FR Software​​​ Tools
​v. 1.2.2
December 14, 2018

​ASXPRESS PLUS Firmware Update Kit
​v. 2.8
August 18, 2020

​OilEase Software for APS-7450V and APS-7650G
​v. 2.0.2
September 28, 2022​

For USB drivers please visit: www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm​​​​.​​​​​​​​​

Software for ​Legacy Products

​ASX-1x00 Firmware Update Kit
(ASX-1400, ASX-1600, APS-1650)
v. 1.23
​July 19, 2017