​Software and firmware updates are no-charge service updates for PC-based software products. To request Software/Firmware for your instrument and to be notified when there is an update, please complete this form. Scroll below for more information about available downloads.​

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​ASX Dashboard for CETAC Autosamplers​
(ASX-560, ASX-280, XLR-860, ASX-7000 series and Oils 7000 series)​
​v. 1.5.2​
December 28, 2022

Software and Firmware Update Kit for CETAC Autosampler​s​
(ASX-560, ASX-280, XLR-860, ASX-7000 series and Oils 7000 series)​
​v. 2.1.1
September 11, 2020

​ASX-110FR/112/FR Software​​
​December 14, 2018
​ASX-1x00 Firmware Update Kit
(ASX-1400, ASX-1600, APS-1650)
v. 1.23
​July 19, 2017

​ASX-520/260 Firmware Update Kit
(ASX-520, ASX-520HS, EXR-8, ASX-520HS)​
​v. 1.40
December 4, 2014

​ASX-560/280 Update for Element and Neptune
v. 1.0.0
​September 9, 2017

​ASXPRESS PLUS Firmware Update Kit
​v. 2.8
August 18, 2020

​C-Term Serial Terminal Program
​v. 1.4.1
February 26, 2019
​Instruo Sample DIlution Software for APS-1650
​v. 1.0.6
November 15, 2013

​OilEase Software for APS-7450V and APS-7650G
​v. 2.0.1
August 17, 2022​

​Oils 7400/7600 Software and Firmware

​v. 2.0.4
October 22, 2020

​Rack Files for Thermo iTeva
​June 16, 2015

​Rack Files for PerkinElmer
​May 4, 2016
​SDS-550 Sample Dilution System Software
​August 6, 2010

SpeedShift for ASX-520/260
November 24, 2014

​Thermo AT500 Test Program
​August 9, 2010

​Xpress Configuriation Tool
​October 31, 2012

For USB drivers please visit:​ www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm​​​​.​​​​​​​​

HDIP (HDF-based Image Processing)

For use with Chromium 2.3

HDIP License Reque​st Tool​ – Download and run this tool to request a license key to operate the HDIP software package. Please be aware that you will need your PO number to do so. If you do not have a PO number, please contact Teledyne CETAC PMI laser sales to inquire about a demo license.​

Request HDIP Software Update  

For technical support with HDIP Software,  visit la-icpms.com/support​ or contact PMI-HDIP-Support@teledyne.com​​

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Mercury Analyzers

Contact Teledyne Leeman Labs for software support of the QuickTrace M-7600 and M-8000 Mercury Analyzers