​Walkthrough for setting up an HDIP license.

Before You Begin

HDIP requires a valid license to run. If wish to purchase a license please contact: PMI_LaserServiceSales@teledyne.com. You will receive a purchase order number from Teledyne CETAC Technologies, which can be used to request one or more licenses. If you wish to request a demo license, you can skip this step.

​Requesting A License File

Download HDIP License Request Tool​

HDIP is licensed to a specific workstation of PC. Run the HDIP License Request Tool on the workstation of PC you wish to install HDIP on. This tool work on workstation regardless of whether the workstation is connected to the internet or not. Follow the directions included in the guide you receive with that software to request your license key. You will be asked to enter your purchase order number.​ If you are requesting a Demo license, mark "DEMO" in the purchase order field. If you have trouble running the license request tool, please contact Teledyne CETAC Technologies support (PMI-HDIP-Support@Teledyne.com). Note: When you run the tool on a workstation that is not connected to the internet, or have trouble establishing a connection to the Teledyne website, you can email the text file produced by the tool to PMI_LaserServiceSales@teledyne.com​.

Receiving The Installer

​Once you have properly submitted the request for the license, you will receive an email from ​Teledyne CETAC Technologies with a link to download the items needed for installation, which will include the HDIP Installer and your license file. Download the items to the workstation you want to install HDIP on. The license is valid only on the workstation which you use to request the license. It is recommended that you backup and save the files and your windows drive in a “permanent” location so that if you ever need to reinstall the software, you will not need to go through the license request process again.

Installing HDIP

To install HDIP, double-click the installer (HDIP-installer-vX.X.X.X.exe) and follow the installation wizard. This step requires administrative rights for your PC. If you are not an administrator of your PC, contact your IT department.

Please read the end-user license agreement carefully.


We recommend to install HDIP in the default location.


Activating T​​he License

After the installation has completed, you can launch HDIP at the last screen of the installer or by double-clicking the HDIP shortcut on the Desktop which was created by the installer. Please note that the process of starting HDIP for the first time may take a few minutes.

The first time HDIP is launched, you will be asked to create a new user profile. Create a profile by entering a profile name in the Profile Creator (Figure 1) and press ok. Every profile stores the setting for HDIP for a specific user. The password is optional.


The profile manager will launch. Double left-click your profile to proceed.


You will be asked which hardware is used by default for this profile. Note that this can be changed afterwards.


Double left-click your new profile to proceed.

Next, the license manager will open. Click "Add a new license" and select the license file you have received from Teledyne CETAC Technologies. The license file has a .bin suffix. Once the license is activated, click ok to proceed and launch the HDIP software.


More d​etails on this license installation process are available in the HDIP manual, which can be found in the main installation folder.