SpeedShift ASX-500 Series Autosampler Configuration Utility

The SpeedShift autosampler configuration utility lets you control parameters such as axis speed, rinse pump speed and rinse pump timeout settings. Before you install the utility, make sure that it is compatible with​ your autosampler. Users of ASX-560 autosamplers should use the ASX Dashboard software instead of the standalone​ SpeedShift utility. ​​

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Software Install​ation File v.1.3.1
12.7 MB
Type: .exe executable application file 
EGU Poster SpeedShift Upgrade Installation Guide
EGU Poster SpeedShift Users Guide

 Features Overview

The process for modifying any setting is as follows:

  1. Select the appropriate COM port.
  2. Click Initialize Communications.
  3. Change the chosen setting(s) to the desired values.
  4. Click Set.

Pump Timeout sets a pump timeout in seconds. Setting the timeout to zero has the effect of disabling the pump timeout feature.

Pump Speed Level sets the pump speed.

X/Y Axis Travel Speed sets the speed of X- and Y-axis motion.

Z Axis Travel Speed sets the Z-Axis speed.

Initialize Communications sets up a communications channel between the software and the autosampler.
Set sends the new settings to the autosampler.

Factory Reset configures the autosampler to use the original factory settings.

Test XYZ Speed exercises the autosampler in all three axes.

Toggle Pump turns the pump on and off.

See the User's Guide for more details.

 Firmware Requirements

  • Non DSA-7/ASXpress Firmware version 1.14 – This version is the minimum requirement. With this firmware version, the utility will allow the user to operate the pump timeout feature only. No axis/pump speed settings are available.
  • Non DSA-7/ASXpress Firmware version 1.16 or above – All utility features may be used.​

 Supported Autosampler Personalities

​The utility is compatible with ASX-520, EXR-8, and ASX-260 autosamplers with the following personalities:

  • CETAC Standard ASX-520 (includes many OEM models including Thermo, Spectro and Varian/Agilent*)
  • CETAC Standard ASX-520 High-Speed (includes many OEM models including Thermo and Spectro)
  • CETAC Standard ASX-260 (includes many OEM models including Thermo, PerkinElmer, and Spectro)
  • CETAC EXR-8 (Standard and High-Speed)
  • Perkin Elmer ASX-520 (Standard and High-Speed)
  • Perkin Elmer EXR-8 (Standard and High-Speed)
  • Perkin Elmer ASX-260 Speedy
  • HP/Agilent ASX-520
  • Thermo/Micromass ASX-520
  • Thermo AA ASX-520
  • Thermo/Finnegan Mat ASX-520
  • Foss ASX-260
  • Lachat ASX-520
  • Lachat ASX-260