​ASX Dashboard​ Autosampler Software + Firmware​ Bundle 

This software and firmware bundle includes everything you need to operate and update your Teledyne CETAC Autosampler. The bundle includes the ASX Dashboard software, autosampler firmware, and a library of rack alignment files. For use on the following models:

  • ASX-280 (including units labeled SimPrep)
  • ASX-560 (including units labeled SimPrep or sold as SDX-HPLD)
  • ASX-7100 (including MVX-7100)
  • ASX-7200 
  • ASX-7400 (including APS-7450V and Oils 7400)
  • ASX-7600 (including APS-7650G and Oils 7600)
  • XLR-860​
​Description:Autosampler Dashboard Software + Firmware Bundle v1.5.5 [released 12.30​​.2022]
​ Size:
95.1 MB​
Type:multiple file types including .exe within a .zip folder​


About A​​SX Dashboard software​​

The ASX Dashboard software includes the following utilities: 

  • Autosampler IQ-OQ assists with qualification (IQ and OQ) by performing a set of predefined movements. See the IQ/OQ Guide on the CD for more information. 
  • Log Extractor saves error codes and operating history information so that it can be sent to Teledyne CETAC support. 
  • Firmware Updater provides a way to program the autosampler with new firmware. Changing the firmware can give the autosampler a new “personality” to make it compatible with certain analytical instruments. Note that you​ should connect the autosampler with a USB cable, not an RS 232 serial cable, to update firmware. 
  • Autosampler Config lets you set the X-Y-Z motion speed, peristaltic pump speed, and stirrer settings such as the stirring speed and Smart Stir. 
  • Xpress Config lets you configure the operation of a Teledyne CETAC ASXPRESS PLUS Rapid Sample Introduction System.
  • Autosampler Alignment Utility
  • C-Term serial terminal program​ is a simple serial [RS-232] terminal program developed to validate the installation and functionality of various CETAC devices.

Mini​​​mum Computer Requirements 

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, ​10 or 11
  • Processor: Pentium i3 or better 
  • Memory: 2GB RAM 
  • Video Resolution: 1024 x 768


​A Note About Firmware Version Numbers:

There i​s a slight difference in the firmware required for some early autosamplers which did not include a damper on the Y axis motor. You can check if the Y-arm motor has a damper without any disassembly by looking through the slot on the front of the autosampler as shown below. For further information about affected autosamplers involving serial numbers and manufacturing dates, click here.​

Y arm motor with no damper

If the motor does no​​t have a damper, please contact us about firmware compatibility.

Y arm motor with damper

If the motor does have a damper, download the latest firmware based on the criteria below.​​​