Autosampler Firmware Update

Firmware for the ASX-560, ASX-280, XLR-860, Oils 7400 and Oils 7600 autosamplers can be installed using the Autosampler Dashboard software utility included with the autosampler and selecting the appropriate firmware from the download package below. 

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​Teledyne CETAC Autosampler Firmware Package
​​Teledyne CETAC Autosampler Firmware Compatibility
​1.4​3 MB

A Note About Firmware Version Numbers:

There i​s a slight difference in the firmware required for some early autosamplers which did not include a damper on the Y axis motor. You can check if the Y-arm motor has a damper without any disassembly by looking through the slot on the front of the autosampler as shown below. For further information about affected autosamplers involving serial numbers and manufacturing dates, click here.​

Y arm motor with no damper

If the motor does no​​t ha​ve a damper, please contact us about firmware compatibility.

Y arm motor with damper

If the motor does have a damper, dowload the latest firmware based on the cri​teria below.​​

ASX-560/280 Alignment Files

​Alignment is critical to the autosampler’s ability to operatereliably. Alignment should ​ be performed if you suspect that shipping or rough handling may ​have disturbed the autosampler’s chassis, or when an autosampler component such as the Z-drive has been replaced.​

​​​Guide:ASX-560/280 Alignment Guide.pdf
Size:6.4 KB
Type:​.xml executa​b​le files 
​October 9, 2019

ASX-560/280 CD Software​
Software Installation File Kit
Filename: ​​670​​​
Size:200 MB
Type:​.zip archive file