Legacy Products

​Please see the chart below for an overview of Teledyne CETAC Technologies legacy products:

​Legacy​​​​ Product
​​Suggested Alternative
​Production End Date
​APS-7400V or APS-7600G
​March 2021
​Oils 7400
​March 2019
​Oils 7600
​December 2018
Aridus II
​Aridus 3
May 2018
January 2018
none​April 2018
​​June 2023
​Aridus 3
April 2018
​Aridus 3
October 2021
​​Quickwash 2
September 2018

For Laser Ablation support, go to teledynephotonmachines.com​.

For Mercury Analysis support, go to teledyneleemanlabs.com.​

Teledyne CETAC Technologies strives to support our customers legacy products for many years after our production stops. Support may be limited due to specific parts availability from our vendors or material/circuitry changes that would require an extensive redesign. Teledyne CETAC will make its best efforts to assure availability of consumable or frequently replaced parts for as long as possible.​​