​​​​​​​​HelEx II Tunable 2-Volume LA-ICP-MS Cell SystemOne cell for all applications - compatible with all CETAC laser ablation platforms​

Capacity, speed and precision are what drive sample cell R&D at Teledyne Photon Machines and define the HelEx II. We took the original HelEx, the industry’s most peer reviewed and published cell developed and licensed by the Australian National University, in a new direction and made it better. The design improvements were vetted in Teledyne’s extensive ICP-MS laboratory and its performance confirmed by experienced users worldwide.

Why? Recent demand for higher throughput, ranging in application from running a thousand or more zircons unattended to mapping (imaging) elemental concentrations over areas of tissues and rocks, calls for larger cells with faster washout and uniform signal intensity throughout. This allows the signal intensity and washout to be optimized to the type of analysis and to the specific make and model of ICP-MS.

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