akta and asx autosampler

Products​ for the Cytiva ÄKTA​​​

We provide an off-the-shelf solution for increasing sample throughput while decreasing hands-on time with your preparative LC instrument, increasing the amount of time available for your research. The ASX-560 and ASX-280 Autosamplers allow for process consistency as well as unattended purification of proteins, enzymes, and other biomolecules. Anti-contamination autosampler enclosures protect your samples from environmental impurities, maintaining sample integrity and ensuring reliable results. Plus we offer a number of accessories to ensure compatibility with your existing equipment.​​​​

    Installation & Setup​​

    ​​Professional Installation​​

    A Teledyne CETAC trained installation engineer will install your ASX-560 and setup CETAC A-Script Software (in select areas).

    Self Installation​

    The Teledyne ​CETAC Auto​sampler well known for its simple setup and operation. View the installation videos below to help you get going.

    ASX-560 / ASX-280 Quick Installation Guide

    ASCRIPT software basics

    AKTA Installation Overview Poster

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    Insert title here NOTE: CETAC does not support the Cytiva AKTA including I/O box OR UNICORN Software. To learn more about what Cytiva supports and CETAC supports,

    Sales & Support​

    You will r​​eceive a live person response within 1 business day….guaranteed.

    Email Sales​

    Teledyne CETAC Autosamplers are backed by a 24 month warranty and boast a mean time to failure of 7.2 years. In other words, you probably will not need to worry about support of your autosampler. But, just in-case, we offer several service options.

    • Loaner Autosampler: Teledyne CETAC will ship a loaner autosampler that is setup and installed by the lab. The repair autosampler is returned to a Teledyne CETAC service depot for repair. Once repair is complete the repaired autosampler is returned for swap with loaner.
    • Customer repair: The Teledyne CETAC Autosampler is well known for its simple design. All repair items are in module form and have in detailed instructions to assist in the repair process.
    • On-site service repair: A trained service Engineer will arrive at your facility ​​to service your Teledyne CETAC equpiment (in select areas).

    ​​Regions Supported​​​


    ​​CETAC Technologies delivered our first autosampler, the ASX-500, in 1993. The reliability of that first autosampler changed laboratories' perception of automation from one of doubt to confidence. A common message from the CETAC user was and continues to be, "It just works." Over 50,000 installations later, our autosampler line has expanded to include dilutors, sample tempering, enclosures, mixing, pick-n-place, pipette, sample identification, weighing, septum, piecing, sample injection and the list goes on. The CETAC automation line has always been built around solutions to real world laboratory problems. ​

    In 2004, CETAC started serving the purification industry. In total, CETAC serves over 30 techniques, such as ICP, HPLC, Titration, NIR, GPC, dissolution and the list goes on. ​

    To see our full list of technologies or to learn more about Teledyne CETAC, click one of the links below.