​​High t​​hroughput, simple operation for oil condition monitoring ​

Making life easier i​n the lab

Teledyne CETAC focuses on in-service oil analysis in the laboratory with products to streamline workflows associated with oil condition monitoring through the handling and preparation of in-service oil samples. Our goal is to ultimately save your laboratory time and money by automating repetitive tasks and speeding up sample-to-sample tests. In short, to increase sample throughput and reduce bottle line costs.

Why in-servic​e oil analysis

In-service oil analysis predicts lubricant or coolant failure, machine-part failure and fluid contamination through condition monitoring. Proactive testing prevents expensive, debilitating breakdowns that can bring an entire operation to a standstill. Teledyne CETAC has cost-effective solutions to help your lab perform sample preparation and analysis with ease, speed and accuracy. 

A leader for decad​es

Teledyne CETAC has served an active role in the analysis of in-service oils for more than 20 years. Whether running 50 or 2,500 samples a day, in a contract lab, for a major manufacturer or at a remote construction site, in-service oils laboratories turn to Teledyne CETAC for oil condition monitoring to increase sample throughput, speed the process and assure accurate results. ​

Eliminate bottlenecks around your workflows with these ​​innovative products from Teledyne CETAC.

x y z autosampler with syringe pump


V​​​olumetric Sample Prep Station​

Our APS-7450V volumetric sample prep station automates the tedious manual sample dilution step, freeing you to spend your time where you are really needed. Simple and quick volume-based dilutions at the pace of wear metals analysis.

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metal x y z autosampler

Oils 7400/7600

​​Homogenizing Autosampler

Our Oils-7400 and Oils-7600 autosamplers are rugged workhorses, ensuring your oil and coolant samples remain homogenized for analysis. Robust automation with features designed specifically for oils analysis.​Oils 7400 InfoOils 7600 Info​​

tall box with 3 LED lights and valve module with tubing coil


Rapid Sample Introduction System​

Our ASXPRESS PLUS rapid sample introduction system turns any compatible autosampler into a world-class sprinter, saving you time and money by increasing sample throughput without the need to purchase another costly ICP.​​
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streamline x y z autosampler with dual syringe model


​​Simple Automated Prep System

Demand for coolant analysis is increasing year-over-year at a high rate. SimPrep is ideal for preparation of coolant samples without adding personnel. It does more than just mixing and dispensing: automatically create spikes, serial dilutions, internal standard additions, acidified samples and more.

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    Oils Analysis Brochure
    ​​In-Service Oil Analysis ​​

     Application Notes

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    TN-APSG-001.pdfAutomated Dilution Of Oil Samples By WeightAPS-7650G06/01/2022
    AP-APSV-001.pdfGet the FACCS Before Preparing Your Lubricating OilsAPS-7450V09/07/2021
    AP-SimPrep-004.pdfAutomated Sample Preparation of Coolant Samples for Analysis by ICP-OESASXPRESS PLUS; Oils 7000 series; SimPrep05/11/2020
    AP-Oils7000-002.pdfUsing Automated Sample Mixing to Improve the Quality of Engine Oils Analysis with ICP-OESOils 7000 series02/12/2020
    AP-Oils7000-001.pdfAnalysis of Lubricating Oils following ASTM D5185Oils 7000 series03/04/2019
    PST-WPC2018_ASTM_MVX.pdfAnalysis of Distillate Products Per ASTM D8110-17 Using the Agilent 7800 ICP-MS and Teledyne-Cetac MVX-7100µL AutosamplerMVX-710009/11/2018
    PST004.pdfPoster: An investigation in to the use of sample introduction accessories to improve organic analysis on ICPAPS-1650; ASX-1400; IsoMist04/20/2016
    USN_TECH_NOTE_U6004.pdfDetermination of Wear-Metals in Lubricating Oil Using Ultrasonic Nebulization / Membrane Desolvation with ICP-AES DetectionU6000AT; BGX-10004/20/2016
    U6000_Boric_Acid.pdfAnalysis of Trace Elements in Boric Acid by ICP-MSU6000AT04/20/2016
    TN-XPRESS-001-T.pdfRapid‐Throughput Oil Analysis for Thermo Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectroscopyASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    TN-XPRESS-001-S.pdfRapid‐Throughput Oil Analysis for Spectro Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectroscopyASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    TN-XPRESS-001-P.pdfRapid‐Throughput Oil Analysis for PerkinElmer Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectroscopyASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016