​Geochemistry has become an integral part of mineral mining. A large mine can produce thousands of samples for laboratory analysis per week. Mining operations rely on fast turnaround of rock and soil sampled from th​e field, which must be analyzed quickly and accurately for a wide range of metals. Additionally, environmental impacts and equipment wear must be continuously monitored. From exploration and development to closing and reclamation, analytical data forms the basis for decision making.

Along with the need to meet rising demand, laboratories must also increase productivity to remain competitive. Labor and overhead costs are continually on the rise, tying the need for enhanced efficiency to the pursuit of greater throughput.

Teledyne CETAC Technologies has ready solutions to save labs time and money, including a rapid sample introduction system to optimize ICP and ICP-MS analysis and reliable, low-maintenance autosamplers.

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    TN-XPRESS-002-A.pdfRapid‐Throughput Mining Analysis for Agilent Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectroscopyASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    TN-XPRESS-002-T.pdfRapid‐Throughput Mining Analysis for Thermo Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission SpectroscopyASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    AP-XPRESS-010.pdfImproving Sample Throughput in the Mining Industry with the ASXPRESS PLUSASX-560; ASXPRESS PLUS05/06/2020