Atomic spectrometric techniques such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) are widely used in the geosciences to measure trace element concentrations and isotope ratios in a variety of sample types.

Teledyne CETAC offers a range of sample introduction accessories for geological research using quadrupole, magnetic sector, and multicollector ICP-MS instruments  These accessories include specialized autosamplers for concentrated, low-volume liquid samples, desolvating nebulizer and hydride generation systems for trace element signal enhancement and reduction of interferences, and advanced laser ablation systems for direct analysis of solid samples for applications such as surface mapping and depth profiling.

     Application Notes

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    Poster_2018WPC_SDX.pdfPoster: Intelligent Dilution Systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MSSDX HPLD; ASX-56001/26/2018
    Poster_2018WPC_Aridus3.pdfPoster: System Setup and Parameter Optimization for a Desolvating Nebulizer Unit with Multicollector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Ratio MeasurementsAridus301/26/2018
    HDIP-Poster-AGU_2020-12-1.pdfHDIP GeoChron: An Interactive U-Th-Pb Data Analysis and Visualization Tool for GeochronologyHDIP02/11/2022
    PST_Dating-Study-of-Cave_Aridus3.pdfIsotope Ratio Measurements for Sample Dating Studies Using Multicollector ICP-MS and Signal Enhancement via a Desolvating Nebulizer Accessory with Nitrogen Gas AdditionAridus304/02/2020
    AN30187.pdfBreakthrough in Sensitivity using a Large Interface Pump and New Sample ConeAridus II04/20/2016
    AP-AridusII-012.pdfAn Inert Desolvating Nebulizer System for Reduction of Matrix‐Induced   Oxide Interferences on Rare Earth Elements, Iridium, and Platinum Using Quadrupole Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryAridus II04/20/2016
    AP-XPRESS-008.pdfHigh Throughput Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste WaterASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    Investigation-of-Boron.pdfInvestigation of Boron Measurement Utilizing Varian Vista – MPX Simultaneous ICP-OES with Radial Viewing and CETAC Technologies Ultrasonic NebulizerU5000AT04/20/2016
    TN_U5007.PDFEnhanced Detection of Trace Elements Using a Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (MP-AES) Coupled with an Ultrasonic NebulizerU5000AT04/20/2016
    TN01_Analyte-G2.pdfTechnical Note: Utilizing the 193nm Analyte G2 Excimer Laser Ablation System and the Agilent 7700 ICP-MSAnalyte G204/20/2016
    TN02_AridusII.pdfUse of the CETAC Aridus II Desolvating Nebulizer System with Multi-Collector ICP-MSAridus II04/20/2016
    TN-XPRESS-004.pdfBenefits of a Segmented Washout Stream with Discrete Sample Introduction Systems for ICP‐MSASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    U5000_tech_note_a1002.pdfU5000AT+ Technical Note: Short-Term and Long-Term StabilityU5000AT04/20/2016
    U6000_tech_note_a1001.pdfU6000AT+ Technical Note: Signal Enhancement and Interference Reduction for Quadrupole ICP-MSU6000AT04/20/2016
    PST2012_Goldschmidt_AridusII.pdfPoster: Enhanced Multicollector ICP-MS Coupled with a Desolvating Nebulizer for GeochronologyAridus II04/20/2016
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