A wide variety of environmental samples such as waters (drinking water, waste waters, or natural waters), soils, sediments, and air particulates are analyzed for trace elements.  Regulated elements that may have potentially toxic concentrations in these samples are of particular importance; some notable examples are arsenic, cadmium, lead, and thallium. Meanwhile, soils are monitored as much for nutrient levels as they are for potentially toxic contaminants. Some key nutrients are phosphorous, zinc, copper, sodium, magnesium and calcium. ​

​Atomic spectroscopic techniques such as ICP-AES and ICP-MS are widely used for measurements of trace elements in environmental samples. ​ Teledyne CETAC offers a variety of sample introduction and sample handl​ing accessories ​​to improve the quality and efficiency of these ICP-AES and ICP-MS measurements.

     Application Notes

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    AN-Aridus3-003.pdfAntimony Isotope Ratio Measurements: A Study with an Atlantic Ocean Mn NoduleAridus312/06/2022
    AP-SDX-001.pdfAutomating EPA Method 200.7 using the SDXHPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution SystemSDX HPLD; ASX-56011/21/2017
    AP-SDX-002.pdfAutomating EPA Method 200.8 using the SDXHPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution SystemSDX HPLD; ASX-56011/21/2017
    AP-U5000-004.pdfImproved Trace Element Detection Limits for Water Analysis using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES DetectionU5000AT11/07/2019
    AP-XPRESS-012.pdfRapid, Stable Analysis of Mehlich-3 Extracts by ICP-OESASX-560; ASXPRESS PLUS07/20/2020
    TN-U5000-010.pdfEnhanced Detection of Trace Elements in a Municipal Drinking Water per USEPA Method 200.7U5000AT06/11/2021
    TN-U5000-009.pdfLower ICP-OES Instrument Detection Limits per USEPA Method 200.7U5000AT06/11/2021
    AP-XPRESS-011.pdfImproving Turn-Around Times for ICP-OES Analysis for EPA 200.7ASX-560; ASXPRESS PLUS05/11/2020
    AP-SimPrep-003.pdfAutomating the Preparation of Water Samples for EPA 200.8SimPrep05/06/2020
    017usn.pdfComparison of conventional pneumatic nebulization to ultrasonic nebulizationU5000AT04/20/2016
    AN30187.pdfBreakthrough in Sensitivity using a Large Interface Pump and New Sample ConeAridus II04/20/2016
    AN40960.pdfiCAP 6000 Series ICP with Ultrasonic Nebuliser AccessoryU5000AT04/20/2016
    AP_U5001.pdfDetection of Trace Elements in High-Purity Sulfuric Acid Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES Detection U5000AT04/20/2016
    AP-U5000-002.pdfUse of Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP‐AES for Enhanced Detection of Regulated Elements in ToysU5000AT04/20/2016
    AP-XPRESS-008.pdfHigh Throughput Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste WaterASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
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