TACS University e-Learning Webinar Series

We are excited to announce Teledyne Advanced Chemistry Systems (TACS) University, our new online webinar series. TACS University brings together ideas and education from across our family of brands and presents them to you to help meet your needs in the lab.

Over the next several weeks, our group of companies - CETAC, Tekmar, Leeman Labs and Hastings - will be presenting several webinars that may be of interest to you.  

Below is a list of topics we will be covering.  Be sure to look it over and sign up for any sessions you find interesting.  Click on the individual webinar link to learn more and register.

Register now for one of our first quarter webinars.  Click on the date or title to go to the registration page for that specific webinar.

April 15  


Latest Developments in U/Pb LA-ICP-MS Geochronology
Presented by: Professor David Chew/ Trinity College Dublin
Hosted by: Teledyne CETAC

April 28  


Laboratory Preparations for Ultra-Trace Mercury Analysis (Rebroadcast)
Hosted by: Teledyne Leeman Labs
May 13  


ICP-OES Interfering Element Correction Made Easy

Hosted by: Teledyne Leeman Labs
May 19  


Tips and Challenges of EPA Method 8260D via Hydrogen Carrier Gas
Hosted by: Teledyne Tekmar
May 26  


Tips and Tricks for Low Level TOC Analysis
Hosted by: Teledyne Tekmar


June 9Methyl Hg Extraction Analytical Determination by CAA
Hosted by: Teledyne Leeman Labs
June 10Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-OES Detection for USEPA Method 200.7
Hosted by: Teledyne CETAC

 June 17

Comparing EPA Method 8260 C and D
Hosted by: Teledyne Tekmar

June 23 

Purge and Trap Moisture Control Tips with the Atomx XYZ and Lumin 
Hosted by: Teledyne Tekmar

 June 24

ICP Analysis on Sea Water and Other Solutions
Hosted by: Teledyne Leeman Labs​


Webinar Recordings
To download slides and watch previously recorded webinars click one of the links below:​