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AN-Aridus3-003.pdfAntimony Isotope Ratio Measurements: A Study with an Atlantic Ocean Mn NoduleAridus312/06/2022Environmental; Geology
TN-APSG-001.pdfAutomated Dilution Of Oil Samples By WeightAPS-7650G06/01/2022Oil Analysis
AP-APSV-001.pdfGet the FACCS Before Preparing Your Lubricating OilsAPS-7450V09/07/2021Oil Analysis
TN-U5000-009.pdfLower ICP-OES Instrument Detection Limits per USEPA Method 200.7U5000AT06/11/2021Environmental
TN-U5000-010.pdfEnhanced Detection of Trace Elements in a Municipal Drinking Water per USEPA Method 200.7U5000AT06/11/2021Environmental
AP-SDX-005.pdfAccurate, Unattended Preparation of Food Samples for ICP-MS AnalysisSDX HPLD11/25/2020Food & Beverage
AP-SimPrep-005.pdfAutomating Sample Preparation to meet USP <232>/<233> GuidelinesSimPrep11/23/2020Pharmaceutical
COVID-SimPrep.pdfLab Automation and COVID-19: SimPrep for Safer StaffASX-560; SimPrep10/14/2020Miscellaneous
COVID-SDX.pdfICP Automation and COVID-19: SDX HPLD for Safer StaffASX-560; SDX HPLD10/14/2020Miscellaneous
AP-XPRESS-012.pdfRapid, Stable Analysis of Mehlich-3 Extracts by ICP-OESASX-560; ASXPRESS PLUS07/20/2020Environmental
AP-SimPrep-004.pdfAutomated Sample Preparation of Coolant Samples for Analysis by ICP-OESASXPRESS PLUS; Oils 7000 series; SimPrep05/11/2020Oil Analysis
AP-XPRESS-011.pdfImproving Turn-Around Times for ICP-OES Analysis for EPA 200.7ASX-560; ASXPRESS PLUS05/11/2020Environmental
AP-SimPrep-003.pdfAutomating the Preparation of Water Samples for EPA 200.8SimPrep05/06/2020Environmental
AP-XPRESS-010.pdfImproving Sample Throughput in the Mining Industry with the ASXPRESS PLUSASX-560; ASXPRESS PLUS05/06/2020Mining
an44356.pdfDetermination of ultratrace elements in semiconductor grade Isopropyl Alcohol using the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MSASX-112FR04/10/2020Semiconductor; Organic Solvents
ab43197.pdfDirect Determination of Ultratrace Elements in Semiconductor Grade Hydrofluoric Acid HF (48%) using the Thermo Scientific iCAP Qs ICP-MSASX-112FR04/10/2020Organic Solvents
an44374.pdfDetermination of ultratrace elements in photoresist solvents using the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MSASX-112FR04/10/2020Semiconductor; Organic Solvents
PST_Dating-Study-of-Cave_Aridus3.pdfIsotope Ratio Measurements for Sample Dating Studies Using Multicollector ICP-MS and Signal Enhancement via a Desolvating Nebulizer Accessory with Nitrogen Gas AdditionAridus304/02/2020Geology
PST2020WCPS_Ariz_U5000AT_Juices_Foods_ICPAES.pdfPoster: Measurement of Trace Elements in Fruit Juice and Various Food Matrices Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES DetectionU5000AT03/16/2020Food & Beverage
PST2020WCPS_Ariz_U5000AT_USP232_ICPAES.pdfPoster: Measurement of Elemental Impurities in a Higher Daily Dose Drug Product by USP <232>/<233> Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES DetectionU5000AT03/16/2020Pharmaceutical
TN-SimPrep-002.pdfSimPrep Liquid Handling Station Baseline StudySimPrep02/14/2020
TN-SimPrep-001.pdfUse of a Switching USB Hub with the SimPrep Automated Liquid Handling StationSimPrep02/14/2020Miscellaneous
AP-Oils7000-002.pdfUsing Automated Sample Mixing to Improve the Quality of Engine Oils Analysis with ICP-OESOils 7000 series02/12/2020Oil Analysis
AP-U6000-003.pdfMeasurement of Trace Elements in Naphtha Using Ultrasonic Nebulization / Membrane Desolvation with ICP-AES DetectionU6000AT; BGX-10001/30/2020Organic Solvents
AP-U6000-004.pdfReduction of Solvent-Based Interferences Using Ultrasonic Nebulization/Membrane Desolvation for Measurement of Trace Elements in Isopropyl Alcohol with Quadrupole ICP-MS DetectionU6000AT; BGX-10001/29/2020Semiconductor
AP-U5000-005.pdfMeasurement of Nutrient and Trace Elements in Juices and Various Food Matrices Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES DetectionU5000AT01/29/2020Food & Beverage
AP-U5000-004.pdfImproved Trace Element Detection Limits for Water Analysis using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES DetectionU5000AT11/07/2019Environmental
AP-U5000-003.pdfMeasurement of Trace Elemental Impurities in Aspirin Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-OES Detection Following USP <232>/<233> GuidelinesU5000AT08/29/2019Pharmaceutical
PST2019_Metallomics_Intro-to-Single-Cell.pdfAn Introduction to the Science of Single Cell Analysis with ICP-MS InstrumentationMVX-710006/28/2019Biological
AP-Oils7000-001.pdfAnalysis of Lubricating Oils following ASTM D5185Oils 7000 series03/04/2019Oil Analysis
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