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​​​​​​​​​DS‑5 Microflow Concentric NebulizerThe CETAC DS-5 Microflow Nebulizer is a specialized device for very low-flow applications (3 to 10 µL/min), including micro-HPLC coupled with ICP-MS. The DS-5 nebulizer kit includes a dedicated low-volume spray chamber which can connect directly via a glass socket to the base of the ICP-MS torch.

Stable Liquid Flow:  ​Very limited volume samples and/or the need to introduce neat organic solvents to the ICP-MS may require the use of a very low flow rate nebulizer. The CETAC DS-5 Nebulizer is a concentric type that couples a proprietary capillary and gas orifice design for stable liquid flow.

Low-Volume, Total Consumption Spray Chamber:  Samples may be self-aspirated to the DS-5 or pumped via a micro-HPLC pump; nebulizer gas is supplied to the DS-5 from the host ICP-MS instrument. The DS-5 can be inserted directly into the included low-volume (8 mL) spray chamber which can attach directly via a 12/5 glass socket to the base of the ICP-MS torch. This arrangement enables rapid sample stabilization and washout times and maintains chromatographic peak resolution. Note that the DS-5 is a total consumption nebulizer system, as no liquid waste accumulates in the spray chamber at such low flows.

The figure below shows the typical arrangement of the DS-5 for online chromatography with ICP-MS.


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Specification Title​ Specification Details
Nebulizer Construction  PVDF body with fused silica capillary
Uptake Rate 3 to 10 μL/min, pumped or self-aspirated 
Nebulizer Gas Flow 0.8 to 1.2 L/min
​Nebulizer End (outer diameter) ​15.5 mm
​Nebulizer Overall Length ​​40.2 mm
Spray Chamber  Quartz, 8 mL volume, 12/5 glass socket adapter​
​​Warranty ​​12 month limited