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​​​​​​​​ExiCheck Gas Exchange AccessoryOver time, excimer gas loses efficacy and the output from an excimer laser head will decrease. Passivation of the laser head extends the useable lifetime of the gas in the laser cavity; however, regular gas exchanges are still necessary. If a gas exchange is missed, passivation is lost a​nd the effective lifetime of the gas fill is reduced. Once missed, it takes significant effort and gas to re-passivate and return to peak performance.

The ExiCheck accessory connects to your ATL excimer gas system and allows fully unattended gas exchanges. The system comprises a valve and pressure monitoring system connected to an intelligent control module. This system performs gas exchanges on a regular, programmable schedule to maintain passivation in the laser cavity and internal laser tubing, thereby maintaining peak performance. Additionally, the ExiCheck accessory is fully integrated into your laser system, whether you have an Analyte Excite or Analyte G2.​​


​Specification TitleSpecification Details
ComponentsExiCheck Intelligent Control Module
​ExiCheck Sensor Module

Pressure Sensor​

Flow Control Valve

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3.6 A
Integration Panels for Analyte G2 or Analyte Excite
​Modes of Operation​Manual Gas Exchange
​Automated Gas Exchange at Scheduled Interval


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