Excite Pharos Femtosecond Laser Ablation SystemUser-friendly femtosecond laser ablation

The Excite Pharos is a the most user-friendly femtosecond laser ablation system on the market, featuring a compact, fully sealed and factory aligned laser head that does not need routine adjustment or cleaning. The system can be configured for 1028 nm, 257 nm or 206 nm, or configured for a switchable system if desired. An energy density of 10 J/cm2 (1028nm), 5 J/cm2 (257nm) and 3 J/cm2 (206nm) is achievable, with 0.1% RSD on shot-to-shot stability over long runs.

The Excite Pharos is available with the class leading HelEx II Active 2-Volume Ablation Cell, enabling 700 ms washout and a constant ablation environment. The ARIS fast washout accessory is also available to further improve analytical performance providing aerosol transport in the order of 30-50ms.


 Application Areas

Application Areas

  • Fundamental Research
  • Semiconductor Analysis
  • Geological and Environmental Analysis
  • Isotope Ratio Measurements

Example Materials

  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Transparent Glasses
  • Quartz
  • Bone / Fossils
  • etcetera... ​


Specif​ication Title Specification Details
Laser Source Light Conversion Pharos 
Pulse Width
< 290 fs 
​Max. Pulse Energy
​> 1.5 mJ
​Beam Quality ​TEM00:M2 < 1.3
​Repetition Rate
1 Hz to 1 kHz in 1 Hz increments
​Wavelength ​1028 nm ± 5 nm
​Pulse Stability ​< 0.5% RMS over 24 hr
​Spot Size Range​ ​1 – 65 µm continuously variable
​Available Wavelength Configurations ​206nm
​Beam Delivery ​Only 1 ​refractive optics for minimal pulse stretching
Independent beam paths for each wavelength
​Sample Cell ​HelEx II Active 2-Volume Cell Compatible​
​Video ​Independent video from lasing optical element for optimal viewing
< 2µm optical resolution
4x – 52x zoom


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