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​​​​​​​​Analyte Excite Plus Excimer Laser Ablation SystemA complete system comprised of:

  • Analyte Excite Laser Ablation System
  • HelEx II Sample Cell
  • ​ARIS Fast Washout Accessory
  • ​eQC Energy Monitoring
  • ExiCheck Gas Exchanger​
The Analyte Excite+ is the ultimate excimer based laser ablation system. It utilizes the latest, highly developed iteration of ATL’s solid-state switched laser engine and includes the acclaimed HelEx II Active 2-Volume Ablation Cell and its unique adaptive inner cell. The system delivers finely controlled flat (homogenized) ablations with high sensitivity and split-second response for shot-to-shot spatially resolved analyses. Stage-synchronized “fire-on-the-fly” lasing provides depth profiling of lines and raster areas like never before. Energy density from 1 J/cm2 to 15 J/cm2 ablates all materials.

The Excite+ also comes fully equipped with the ARIS fast washout accessory, eQC and ExiCheck to allow the best possible performance and flexibility of any excimer-based laser system on the market today. In addition the Analyte Excite+ also has a software controlled integrated Demag switch that allows the selection of 64 spot sizes from 1 μm to 245 μm as a standard feature. All spots are achieved with aperture imaging of the beam to ensure energy densities always remain constant when changing spot sizes.​

Excite_50um circle 10s_1.jpg Excite_80um square 25s_1.jpg

Using a proprietary component to enable maximum beam homogenization the Analyte Excite system is able to generate beautiful flat bottomed craters with sharp edges and with no visible melting. The 50 μm circle (left) is the result of 10 ablation shots, and the 80 μm square (right) is from a 25 shot ablation.​​​​

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 Application Areas

Application Areas

  • Environmental Analysis
  • Geological Analysis
    • Isotope Ratios
    • Transparent glasses
    • Geochronology
  • Forensics
  • Isotope Fingerprinting
  • Imaging/Mapping
  • Depth Profiling
  • (Paleo-)thermometry

Example Materials

  • Calcite / Aragonite
  • Transparent Glasses
  • Quartz
  • Bone / Fossils
  • Otoliths and Forams
  • Zircons
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Thin Coatings
  • Various Minerals​​​​
Chew et al - 2017 - Rapid hi-res U-Pb LA ICP MS age mapping of zircon David M. Chew, Joseph A. Petrus, Gavin G. Kenny and Niall McEvoy | J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2017, 32, 262​ ​​​


​​Key Features:
  • Best value in excimer laser ablation systems
  • Ultra-short 193 nm wavelength
  • Ultrashort < 5 ns
  • Surplus fluence ablates all materials
  • Sealed Gas Cabinet
  • Optical homogenization of the laser beam for uniform flat ablations
  • Synchronized “fire-on-the-fly” lasing for the ultimate depth control during ablation
  • 100 × 100 mm stage travel as standard
  • Independent video and lasing optical element for optimal viewing and crater quality
  • Aperture imaged spots ranging from 1.0 μm to >150 μm
  • 30 apertures as standard; custom masks available
  • HelEx II Active 2-Volume Cell Compatible​


Trinity researchers use the Excite to track volcano's history (Irish Times)

Read the full paper here. (ScienceDirect)