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Setting the Standard​​​​​​​​​ASX‑560 Autosampler

See why users call Teledyne CETAC Autosamplers the best on the market. Put the most reliable, longest-lasting autosampler to work in your lab for
the seemingly endless demands of sample analyses. Whether your lab is small, mid-sized, or very large, there’s a model to meet your needs!

  • Polymer cover, base and sample tray
  • Carbon fiber arm and z-drive
  • No exposed metal parts
  • Flowing rinse station with on-board peristaltic pump
  • 10 standards positions for 50 mL vials
  • Flexible sample rack configurations
  • Fast, fluid movement
  • ​​Multiple accessory options

 Key Features

​Every feature of Teledyne CETAC Autosamplers is designed to simplify  analysis and save time. That starts with making a reliable machine backed by a 2 year warranty. Other invaluable features include:
  • Chemically resistant materials
  • Optional dual rinse station
  • Fluid mechanical operation
  • ​Configurable XYZ movement
  • Dust Cover Enclosure (optional)

Advanced Mechanical Design

Advanced Electronics

  • Injection molded parts
    • Broad chemical compatibility
    • Improved high resolution applications
  • Advanced pump technology
    • ​Easy tubing replacement options
    • Quiet operation
    • Wide-ranging flow capabilities
      – 0.1 – 80 mL/min
      – Conserve expensive rinse solution
  • Easy serviceability and maintenance
  • Simple accessory interfaces
  • Dual rinse station
  • State-of-the-art movement profile
    • Precise, configurable XYZ movement
    • Expansive movement speed options
  • High resolution positioning
    • Flawless accuracy
    • Active resonance control
  •  Electronic home position alignment
  • User-friendly firmware and configuration software utilities
  • Backward compatible communications
    • Seamless upgrade path
  • Performance proven technology

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 Application Notes

BioRad_Bulletin_6896.pdfIntegrating the CETAC ASX-560 Autosampler with the NGC™ Chromatography System
BioRad_Bulletin_6879.pdfIncreasing Throughput of a Tandem mAb Purification by Adding a High-Volume Autosampler to the NGC™ Chromatography System
AP-SDX-001.pdfAutomating EPA Method 200.7 using the SDXHPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution System
AP-SDX-002.pdfAutomating EPA Method 200.8 using the SDXHPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution System
COVID-SDX.pdfICP Automation and COVID-19: SDX HPLD for Safer Staff
COVID-SimPrep.pdfLab Automation and COVID-19: SimPrep for Safer Staff
AP-ASX560-001.pdfHigh Throughput Automation of the ÄKTA™ pure 25 via the ASX-560
AP-XPRESS-012.pdfRapid, Stable Analysis of Mehlich-3 Extracts by ICP-OES
AP-XPRESS-011.pdfImproving Turn-Around Times for ICP-OES Analysis for EPA 200.7
AP-XPRESS-010.pdfImproving Sample Throughput in the Mining Industry with the ASXPRESS PLUS
PST2016_WPC_SDX.pdfPoster: Vortex Mixing Dilution System for ICP and ICP-MS
Poster_2018WPC_SDX.pdfPoster: Intelligent Dilution Systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

 Literature References

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Complete specifications can be found in the product brochure.

Specification Title Specification Details
    Height (with probe) 62 cm (24")
    Width 58 cm (22.8")
    Depth (allow space for cables)
56 cm (22")
Weight 11.7 kg (26 lbs)
Communication Interface 2 Serial (RS-232) ports
USB (virtual COM port)
5 auxiliary inputs / 5 outputs
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1.9A
Options and Accessories
ENC-560DC Clean Enclosure
ASXPRESS PLUS Rapid Sample Introduction System
SimPrep Automated Sample Prep System
SDX​HPLD Intelligent Liquid Dilution System

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