Semiconductor wafer fabrication requires strict control of all aspects of the production process to minimize defects and improve product yield for incorporation into high-level electronic devices such as computers.​ The measurement of trace (sub-ppb) element impurities is critical in production details such as the raw materials, fabrication environment / equipment, and chemical reagents used in wafer production.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) is an important technique for the measurement of trace element impurities. Teledyne CETAC offers a variety of specialized sample handling and sample introduction accessories for ICP-MS applications for semiconductors.​

     Application Notes

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    AP-U6000-004.pdfReduction of Solvent-Based Interferences Using Ultrasonic Nebulization/Membrane Desolvation for Measurement of Trace Elements in Isopropyl Alcohol with Quadrupole ICP-MS DetectionU6000AT; BGX-10001/29/2020
    an44374.pdfDetermination of ultratrace elements in photoresist solvents using the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MSASX-112FR04/10/2020
    an44356.pdfDetermination of ultratrace elements in semiconductor grade Isopropyl Alcohol using the Thermo Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MSASX-112FR04/10/2020
    AP_U5001.pdfDetection of Trace Elements in High-Purity Sulfuric Acid Using Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES Detection U5000AT04/20/2016
    PST2016_WPC_MVX.pdfMicro Volume Sample Introduction System for ICP-MSMVX-710004/20/2016
    AP-MVX7100-002.pdfMicro‐Volume Injection System for ICP‐MSMVX‐710004/20/2016
    PST020.pdfPoster: Improved Detection of Trace Elements in a Silicon Matrix Using a Desolvating Nebulizer System with ICP-MSAridus II; ASX-112FR; QuickWash04/20/2016