Atomic spectrometric techniques such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) are widely used in the geosciences to measure trace element concentrations and isotope ratios in a variety of sample types.

Teledyne CETAC offers a range of sample introduction accessories for geological research using quadrupole, magnetic sector, and multicollector ICP-MS instruments  These accessories include specialized autosamplers for concentrated, low-volume liquid samples, and ​desolvating nebulizer and hydride generation systems for trace element signal enhancement and reduction of interferences.

     Application Notes

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    Poster_2018WPC_SDX.pdfPoster: Intelligent Dilution Systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MSSDX HPLD; ASX-56001/26/2018
    Poster_2018WPC_Aridus3.pdfPoster: System Setup and Parameter Optimization for a Desolvating Nebulizer Unit with Multicollector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Ratio MeasurementsAridus301/26/2018
    PST_Dating-Study-of-Cave_Aridus3.pdfIsotope Ratio Measurements for Sample Dating Studies Using Multicollector ICP-MS and Signal Enhancement via a Desolvating Nebulizer Accessory with Nitrogen Gas AdditionAridus304/02/2020
    AN30187.pdfBreakthrough in Sensitivity using a Large Interface Pump and New Sample ConeAridus II04/20/2016
    AP-AridusII-012.pdfAn Inert Desolvating Nebulizer System for Reduction of Matrix‐Induced   Oxide Interferences on Rare Earth Elements, Iridium, and Platinum Using Quadrupole Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryAridus II04/20/2016
    AP-XPRESS-008.pdfHigh Throughput Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste WaterASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    Investigation-of-Boron.pdfInvestigation of Boron Measurement Utilizing Varian Vista – MPX Simultaneous ICP-OES with Radial Viewing and CETAC Technologies Ultrasonic NebulizerU5000AT04/20/2016
    TN_U5007.PDFEnhanced Detection of Trace Elements Using a Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (MP-AES) Coupled with an Ultrasonic NebulizerU5000AT04/20/2016
    TN02_AridusII.pdfUse of the CETAC Aridus II Desolvating Nebulizer System with Multi-Collector ICP-MSAridus II04/20/2016
    TN-XPRESS-004.pdfBenefits of a Segmented Washout Stream with Discrete Sample Introduction Systems for ICP‐MSASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
    U5000_tech_note_a1002.pdfU5000AT+ Technical Note: Short-Term and Long-Term StabilityU5000AT04/20/2016
    U6000_tech_note_a1001.pdfU6000AT+ Technical Note: Signal Enhancement and Interference Reduction for Quadrupole ICP-MSU6000AT04/20/2016
    PST2012_Goldschmidt_AridusII.pdfPoster: Enhanced Multicollector ICP-MS Coupled with a Desolvating Nebulizer for GeochronologyAridus II04/20/2016
    PST2013_Goldschmidt_AridusII.pdfPoster: An Inert Desolvating Nebulizer System and Rapid Washout Accessory for Tungsten Isotope Measurements with Multicollector ICP-MSAridus II; ASX-112FR; QuickWash04/20/2016
    PST2013_NEMC_ASXpress.pdfPoster: High Throughput Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste WaterASXPRESS PLUS04/20/2016
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