Teledyne Photon Machines releases Chromium 2.1 Software for LSX-213 G2+ Laser Ablation System

The most powerful and capable of all Laser Ablation software packages available today.

Bozeman, MT – May 9, 2016: Teledyne Photon Machines announces that Chromium 2.1, feature-rich, customizable laser ablation software is now available for the LSX 213 G2+ YAG Laser Ablation System. The LSX 213 laser systems now have vastly improved capabilities with the same highly capable software as the high end Excimer systems currently offered. The Chromium 2.1 software is currently standard on all Analyte G2 and Excite Excimer-based Laser Ablation systems.

"We are excited to now be able to provide Chromium 2.1 Software on the LSX 213 G2+ means that users will have all the controls and functionality of an advance intrumentation at their fingertips," stated Damon Green, vp of marketing and technology for Teledyne CETAC and Teledyne Photon Machines. "The capabilities and flexibility this software provides means that all of our customers who buy 213 and 193nm lasers have the same powerful software to meet their ever demanding requirements," added Green.

This sofware is the most powerful tool available for Laser Ablastion systems today," added Green.

Some benefits of the Chromium 2.1 software include:

  • Visualize basic and advanced controls, images and scan lists at a glance
  • Generate multiple layouts for application needs
  • Configurable / dockable windows on 1 or more monitors
  • User friendly "scripting" - the ultimate customization
  • Auto-generated log files
  • Unparalleled auto-focus algorithm precision
  • Intuitive, experiment set-up & sequence editing
  • Real-time SEM, CL, MRI image & data set layering
  • Integration with ICP-MS and data reduction software including lolite™

About Teledyne Photon Machines Incorporated (PMI)

Teledyne PMI is a leading designer and manufacturer of laser-based sample introduction equipment for laboratory instrumentation. PMI's laser ablation systems allow elemental analysis when only a small amount of sample may be present. Such analyses are useful in medical research, forensic, and materials science applications.

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