Teledyne Photon Machines reaches distribution agreement with Iolite Software

Iolite software will add a visualization environment to Teledyne's Laser Ablation Systems

Bozeman, MT – June 9, 2016: Teledyne Photon Machines announces that they have reached a distributor agreement with Iolite Software.  This partnership allows Photon Machines to integrate Iolite software with their current Chromium 2.1 Software package for both Excimer Lasers and the LSX213 G2+ ND: YAG Laser Ablation System.

"We are excited to now be able to provide Iolite software with our laser ablation systems because it offers a significant number of tools which help the users manage their data quickly and more efficiently" stated Damon Green, vp of marketing and technology for Teledyne CETAC and Teledyne Photon Machines. "We are committed to continual improvement of our systems and with this partnership we will be working with Iolite and their researchers from a range of disciplines to incorporate best practices" added Green.

Some of the Iolite software tools that help users manage their data include:

  • See data at the scale of a whole day or zoom in on individual time slices
  • Quick and efficient generation of image maps to allow 2D visualisation of chemical information
  • Open source code allows users to edit and share it with others
  • Ideal for large, time-resolved datasets (>106 datapoints) with advanced splining and interpolation techniques

About Teledyne Photon Machines Incorporated (PMI)

Teledyne PMI is a leading designer and manufacturer of laser-based sample introduction equipment for laboratory instrumentation. PMI's laser ablation systems allow elemental analysis when only a small amount of sample may be present. Such analyses are useful in medical research, forensic, and materials science applications.

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