Teledyne CETAC Technologies Introduces the Next Generation Homogenizing Autosamplers for Oils Applications

Introducing the next generation of automation for oils, wear oils and coolants for sample introduction for ICP-OES... The Oils 7400 and Oils 7600 Homogenizing Autosamplers.

Oils 7400​Omaha, NE USA / July 17, 2018 - Teledyne CETAC Technologies introduces the next generation homogenizing autosampler for oils, wear oils and coolants for sample introduction for ICP-OES.  The Oils 7400 and Oils 7600 Homogenizing Autosamplers are built on the Teledyne CETAC ASX-7000 automation platform, which has been proven as a robust, fast, accurate and precise platform. 

“The Oils Autosamplers were designed to meet the requirements of the rapidly evolving oils testing industry” says Jacob Herrington, Teledyne CETAC Product Manager. “We are very excited to release these new autosamplers to our customers because they will realize sample analysis time savings compared to previous systems.” “While first and foremost these autosamplers are faster, we have also improved xyz movement accuracy and precision and product design thus generating many unmatched benefits to users not available with other systems on the market today,” adds Herrington. 

The Oils 7400 and Oils 7600 were designed to meet the needs of the evolving wear metals market, which means a quick and easy way to convert for coolant analysis.  The unique dual pump/dual rinse station design, allows for a fast and easy transition between two different matrices.  These systems were designed to allow users to do more with one autosampler than was ever possible before. 

Benefits of the new Oils 7400 and Oils 7600 Homogenizing Autosamplers include​:

  • Dual Rinse Design 
    • Segregated rinse station provides clean washout for aqueous and oils samples while preventing carryover and contamination.
    • Separate pumps ensure that there is no need to change the tubing on the rinse station when switching between oils and coolants.
  • Faster XYZ Movement 
    • Faster and smoother xyz movement saves up to 2 seconds per sample analyzed compared to previous generation oils automation.
    • In conjunction with the Teledyne CETAC ASXpress® Plus Rapid Sample Introduction system, 2 samples can be introduced to ICP-OES instrumentation per minute for ASTM 5185 (oils) and ASTM 6130 (coolants).
  • Improved Accuracy 
    • Accuracy and precision of xyz movement to sample tube and rinse station destinations improved to ± 0.4 mm.
    • Eliminates the possibility of missed samples and damage to probe/stirring paddle.
  • Improved Sample Drip Cup Design 
    • An improved drip cup design allows for more effective sample drip capture and retention, even at high speed, ensuring that sample contamination between sample tubes is eliminated.
  • Improved Sample Probe Design 
    • Re-design of the sample probe improves analytical robustness.

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