Teledyne CETAC Technologies Introduces a New Automated Sample Preparation System

Introducing the new sample preparation system for preparing samples, standards and dispensing in environmental, mining, pharma and soil labs. The 'SimPrep' Simple Automated Prep System.

​Omaha, NE USA / February 27, 2018 - Teledyne CETAC Technologies introduces a new automated sample preparation system to the market.  This system is designed to automate the sample preparation process for environmental, mining, pharma, clinical and soil laboratories.  The SimPrep utilizes the industry standard ASX-560 or ASX-280 autosampler, both manufactured by Teledyne CETAC, and a high precision dual syringe pump with flexible, simple software.  Both the autosampler and syringe pump have proven to be robust, fast, accurate and precise solutions to laboratories worldwide.

“The SimPrep is a labor saving sample prep system for the complex to simple sample preparation found in today's labs, which saves on the bottom line of the laboratory" says Gary Preister, Teledyne CETAC Business Development Manager. “We are very excited to release this solution to assist our customers in eliminating the manual sample preparation steps performed on a daily basis," adds Preister. 

Benefits of the new SimPrep simple automated prep system:

  • The SimPrep does more than just mixing and dispensing; it can automatically create:
    • Spikes
    • Calibration cures from predefined dilution factors
    • Serial dilutions
    • Internal standard additions
    • 1-to-1 and 1-to-many sample transfers (splitting)
    • Acidified samples
  • Advantages of the SimPrep
    • Wide range of syringes from 20 microliter to 50 milliliter
    • A single system can serve multiple techniques such as ICP-MS, ICP, AA, Colorimeter, IC and FIA.
  • Typical Results
    • Homogenous dilutions up to 2000x
    • Carryover <0.01%
    • Precision 100% at <0.2%
    • Accuracy 100% +/- 1%
    • Linearity r2 = >0.999996 over a wide range

About Teledyne CETAC Technologies

Teledyne CETAC Technologies, based in Omaha, NE USA is a worldwide leader in sample handling and sample introduction technologies for elemental analysis. Teledyne CETAC Technologies develops, manufactures and markets a family of products and services for customers around the world, for use in every industry where rapid and accurate determination of trace element concentrations is required.

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