Teledyne CETAC Technologies Introduces the new Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System

August 16, 2017

The next generation desolvating nebulizer system for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

Omaha, NE USA / August 16, 2017 - Teledyne CETAC introduces the new Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System to their nebulizer product group.   The Aridus3 Desolvating Nebulizer System is the 4th generation of a specialized liquid sample introduction accessory for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS); the Aridus3 enhances analyte element sensitivity up to 10 times or more and can greatly reduce solvent-based interferences such as oxides and hydrides.  The Aridus product line is widely used in a number of ICP-MS applications, especially geochemistry.

“The Aridus3 offers a number of important new benefits based on feedback from AridusII customers around the world” says Fred Smith, Teledyne CETAC Nebulizer Product Manager. “Ar sweep gas and N2 addition gas flows are now computer software controlled via dedicated mass-flow controllers, easing the tuning process.  A novel removable membrane oven assembly greatly simplifies cleaning and maintenance, while a software Flow Saver application allows preset shut off of valuable gases after long unattended sample runs”.  Smith adds “the development of new and improved accessories for the atomic spectroscopy marketplace is a constant process at Teledyne CETAC and this will continue with the Aridus product line.”

Benefits of the new Aridus3 include:
  • Analyte sensitivity enhanced up to 10 times or more, depending on liquid sample uptake rate 
  • Low-volume sample uptake rates of 50, 100, or 200 microliters/min, preserving valuable sample 
  • C-Flow PFA nebulizer with integrated autosampler probe for use with Teledyne CETAC ASX-112FR MicroAutosampler 
  • Heated PFA spray chamber for higher sample transport efficiency 
  • Both PFA nebulizer and PFA spray chamber are behind a secured door to alleviate electrostatic effects 
  • Inert fluoropolymer membrane for resistance to acids (including HF) and low oxide and hydride levels 
  • Built-in mass flow controllers (MFCs) for precise setting of Ar sweep gas and N2 addition gas 
  • Convenient computer software control of spray chamber temperature, membrane oven temperature and both Ar sweep gas and N2 addition gas allows remote tuning if the Aridus3 is placed in a clean enclosure 
  • New Flow Saver software application allows the user to preset shut off of Ar and N2 gas flows after completion of an overnight run, saving valuable gases
  • New removable membrane heater block for ease of cleaning or replacement
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