Stijn Van Malderen joins Teledyne CETAC in Research & Development role for Laser Ablation
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​Omaha, Nebraska – October 8, 2020 Teledyne CETAC Technologies is pleased to announce that Stijn Van Malderen has joined them as a Research Software Engineer. In this role, Stijn will work to advance the HDIP Laser Ablation software.

Van Malderen formerly held the position of research fellow at the Atomic and Mass Spectrometry research unit Ghent University, led by Prof. Dr. Frank Vanhaecke, a highly distinguished research group in the atomic spectrometry field. On completion of his research in 2017, Van Malderen received the degree of Doctor of Science: Chemistry, on the topic of the optimization of methods based on Laser Ablation – Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) for 2-D and 3-D elemental mapping. Subsequently, Van Malderen was awarded the position of postdoctoral fellow by the Research Foundation – Flanders at the same department, and performed research at the prestigious PETRA III synchrotron facility operated by DESY, the largest synchrotron facility in the world. Here his research involved cluster computing, hardware development and machine learning at the Hard X-ray Micro/Nano-Probe beamline P06.

 “Stijn will be an invaluable addition to our Research and Development team and I look forward to working with him," stated Damon Green Product Line Manager for Laser Ablation for Teledyne CETAC. While completing his PhD as part of Vanhaecke's research group at Ghent University, Van Malderen demonstrated his detailed understanding of laser ablation fundamentals through his collaborative work designing the latest fast washout / low dispersion cell technology. Van Malderen was instrumental in developing the powerful HDIP data reduction software recently acquired by Teledyne's laser ablation business, Teledyne Photon Machines. “Having Stijn onboard will enable us to accelerate the development of this important HDIP software whilst also sharing his unrivalled knowledge and experience with his new colleagues. There will be some exciting years ahead!" added Green. Stijn will continue to operate from his current Belgium location, working alongside our global team and customer base.

During his academic career Van Malderen has authored dozens of high-profile publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and was the inventor of multiple patents. Many within the laser ablation community have had the opportunity to hear him speak at scientific conferences around the world. In addition, he has also contributed to the development of hardware at Teledyne Photon Machines, such as the Iridia laser ablation platform, the Cobalt ablation chamber, and the Aerosol Rapid Introduction System (ARIS). He is the founder and lead developer of HDIP, a leading commercial-grade software package for mass spectrometry data processing.

Teledyne Photon Machines, owned and operated under Teledyne CETAC, is a leading designer and manufacturer of laser ‐ based sample introduction equipment for laboratory instrumentation. Laser ablation systems allow elemental analysis when only a small volume of the material can be sampled. In addition, laser ablation provides the ability to image the distribution of elements at extreme spatial resolution. This type of analysis is useful in medical research, forensic, and materials science applications.

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