Teledyne CETAC Technologies Introduces the APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Preparation System

Introducing the fully automated solution for oil sample dilution allowing people to be people and robots to be robots..

Omaha, NE USA / January 22, 2022 -

Teledyne CETAC introduces their new APS-7650G Gravimetric Sample Preparation Station.  This system was designed to dilute oil samples by weight prior to ICP-OES analysis.    The APS-7650G is the first commercially available solution that meets the ASTM D5185 and D4951 requirements of the new oils market.  The new oils market is oil which is newly produced from a manufacturing floor or refinery or a blending facility.  These samples are analyzed to ensure that the appropriate additive levels and overall cleanliness are maintained before the oil leaves the production facility.

“The APS-7650G is a new solution that has been lacking for many years.  This system saves users time because it allows for automation of the overall process, which frees users up for other things thus improving the overall workflow in the laboratory" stated Jacob Herrington, Teledyne CETAC Technical Product Manager for Automation. The automation allows laboratories to take on more work.  They can accomplish more with the same amount of people. “The APS-7650G allows people to be people and solve problems and let robots do the robotic work" added Herrington. The fully automated system replicates manual dilution step-by-step, from the integrated pipettor to the scale to the vortexer, and it even records sample data for direct import into the ICP software.

Benefits of the new APS-7650G include:

  • Zero carryover with integrated pipettor
  • Import/export sample information directly to software
  • User friendly OilEase software
  • Dilution range 10-100x
  • Sample viscosities up to 1000 cST
  • Accurate to +/- 0.1mg with integrated balance
  • Fully meets ASTM D5185 and D4951 sample prep requirements

About Teledyne CETAC Technologies

Teledyne CETAC Technologies, based in Omaha, NE USA is a worldwide leader in sample handling and sample introduction technologies for elemental analysis. Teledyne CETAC Technologies develops, manufactures and markets a family of products and services for customers around the world, for use in every industry where rapid and accurate determination of trace element concentrations is required.​