Teledyne CETAC announces the release of HDIP version 1.5 Laser Ablation software.

OMAHA, Nebraska – February 10, 2021 – HDIP software is a powerful data reduction package that originated out of a Teledyne support PhD project at Ghent University (Belgium) back in 2018. As a fully customized software designed to make sense of the vast quantities of data generated by the latest laser ablation ICP-MS imaging applications, prior versions were structured around bio-imaging and the ablation of soft materials. It has now evolved to enable a far wider range of applications to be addressed including imaging and bulk analysis of geological and environmental samples. 

The code for HDIP was the brainchild of Dr Stijn van Malderen during his time at Ghent, and Stijn is now employed by Teledyne in Belgium and working full time on HDIP development. As a result, there is now a brand-new version of HDIP laser ablation data reduction software available, version 1.5.

Damon Green, product manager for Teledyne CETAC laser ablation technologies, commented: “this latest version of HDIP really simplifies the complex job of dealing with the increasing volumes of data and helps the user to optimise both the laser and ICP-MS in order to generate the best possible output. Due to an increase in analytical speeds, the need to ensure instrument settings such as dwell time, rep rate, dosage and washout speed are all set correctly is of critical importance. HDIP 1.5 addresses all of these concerns. This updated version of HDIP contains far more automation, and a far simpler interface to allow more users to get more out of it more easily, all of the time.”

Working with all the major commercially available ICP-MS vendors, your data can be automatically imported into HDIP with 64-bit accuracy. Another feature worth noting is the virtual workspace.  This workspace provides a visual simulation of the sample environment and brings together all MS output, laser system images, and imported CL, FM or microprobe images, and allows this information to be fused and combined. Batch processing is now also available for TOF image formats (TOFWERK AG icpTOF and Nu Instruments Ltd. Vitesse).

Users will see a fresh new look, improvements to existing features, as well as completely new modules with version 1.5

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