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Software Updates and Downloads

Select a product category from the tabs below, then follow​​ the links  for more information about each software package. Downloads are available from the information pages.​​ For USB drivers please visit:

 Laser Ablation

Chromi​um - Laser Ablation Software

For use on LSX-213 G2+ and all Analyte 193, Excite, and Fusions Laser Ablation systems.

Upgrade to Chromium 2.3 [V2018.1.29.0] - Download a​nd run this to update an existing version of Chromium 2 (any version) to the latest version of Chromium 2.2 (Cr2.2). View the software addendum (PDF) for a summary of what has changed. This update is recommended for all users as it includes many enhancements and bug fixes.

​​Install a full version of Chromium[V2018.1.29.0​] - Use to install Cr2.2 on a new PC. Password required.*

Chromium 2 Backu​p Tool - Software for creating a backup archive (ZIP file) of all the files used by Chromium 2. Use this to migrate your copy of Chromium 2 to a new PC, or to have a "safety" backup of Chromium 2.

Chromium ​2.3 Revision History (PDF) - List of latest changes.

Demo and Offline Software​

Password is required to use these programs*

Install Chromium 2.3 DEMO Software - [V2018.1.29.0​​] Demo version which can be run on a PC that doesn't need to be connected to an actual system. Useful as a training tool.

Install Offline ​Targeting Softwar​e​ - [V2018.1.29.0​] Save valuable machine time by using this to import pictures and set up scans on a different computer, then import into the Chromium software on the laser system. ​​

*Contact TeledyneCETAC to obtain the password.


Bug Report/Feature Req​uest​​ - use this form to submit any ideas or problems you have.​

DigiLaz G2 Laser Ablation Control Software​

​For use on LSX-213 G2+​

 Mercury Analyzers

Contact Teledyne Leeman Labs for software support of the QuickTrace M-7600 and M-8000 Mercury Analyzers