​ASX-1400/1600/1650 Firmware and Update Kit

A Note About Firmware Version Numbers: To maintain backwards compatibility with existing applications, the ASX‑1400/1600/1600 has maintained the same response to the VER command. However, the ASX‑1400/1600/1600 firmware has been rewritten from scratch to enhance the functionality we can offer our customers, and for this reason the actual versioning was restarted at 1.0. This also allows us to have consistent versioning across all supported platforms. The real version number (for upgrade purposes) can be found using the VERSS command. Connect to the autosampler using C-Term as described in the Operator's manual and type VERSS and press Enter to retrieve the actual firmware version. OEMs should continue to use the VER command to identify/validate the CETAC firmware.


Firmware and Firmware Update Kit

ASX-1x00 Firmware.zip
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Firmware Update Kit 1x00​.zip


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