ASX-7x00 Dashboard Software

The ASX-7x00 Dashboard software is supplied on the CD included with the autosampler. Replacement software can be downloaded here. The ASX-7x00 Dashboard software includes the following utilities:

  • Autosampler IQ-OQ assists with qualification (IQ and OQ) by performing a set of predefined movements. See the IQ/OQ Guide on the CD for more information.
  • Log Extractor saves error codes and operating history information so that it can be sent to Teledyne CETAC support.
  • Firmware Updater provides a way to program the autosampler with new firmware. Changing the firmware can give the autosampler a new “personality” to make it compatible with certain analytical instruments. Note that you should connect the autosampler with a USB cable, not an RS 232 serial cable, to update firmware.
  • Autosampler Config lets you set the X-Y-Z motion speed, peristaltic pump speed, and stirrer settings such as the stirring speed and Smart Stir.
  • Xpress Config lets you configure the operation of a Teledyne CETAC ASXPRESS PLUS Rapid Sample Introduction System.


ASX-7x00 Dashboard software




63.9 MB​ ​​


.exe file within a .zip folder