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AP-ANALYTEG2-001.pdfAnalyte G2High-Speed, High-Resolution, Multi-Element Imaging of Plant Root Cross-Sections to Highlight Nutrient Transport Pathways
Application_note_ARIS_cisplatin_TVA_SVM_FV_TVA.pdfARISApplication of the ARIS for high-resolution LA-ICP-MS 2D Pt-mapping for revealing cisplatin-induced nephrotoxic side effects
TN_ASXpress Plus Tune Solution.pdfASXPRESS PLUSRunning a Tune Solution with the ASXpress PLUS- - Technical Note
AP-ASX560-001.pdfASX-560High Throughput Automation of the ÄKTA™ pure 25 via the ASX-560
PST027.pdfAnalyte G2Poster: Analysis of Basaltic Glass Standard Reference Materials using the Analyte.G2 ExcimerLaser Ablation System and QuadrupoleICP-MS
PST026.pdfAridus II; ASX-112FR; LSX-213; LSX-213 G2+; LSX-266; QuickWashPoster: Calibration Strategies for LA-ICP-MS
PST024.pdfASXPRESS PLUSPoster: A Technique for Improving Long-Term Stability in High Matrix Sample Analysis by ICP-MS
PST025.pdfHelEx IIPoster: Optimizing Ablation Cells and Aerosol Transport Systems for Laser Ablation ICP-MS
PST023.pdfMarin-5Poster: Use of an Enhanced Nebulizer System for Direct Analysis of Volatile Organic Solvents by ICP-AES
PST019.pdfMarin-5Poster: A New Enhanced Nebulizer System for Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
PST021.pdfAridus II; ASX-112FR; QuickWashPoster: A Specialized Desolvating Nebulizer System for U-Series Dating with Multicollector ICP-MS
PST020.pdfAridus II; ASX-112FR; QuickWashPoster: Improved Detection of Trace Elements in a Silicon Matrix Using a Desolvating Nebulizer System with ICP-MS
PST018.pdfMarin-5Poster: A New Enhanced Nebulizer System for Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
PST013.pdfLSX-213Poster: Comparison of Thermoelectrically Cooled Cryocell Assisted LA-ICP-MS and Liquid ICP-MS Analysis of Metals in Kidney and Liver Samples from Beached Porpoise Carcass
PST015.pdfLSX-266; LSX-500Poster: In situ Elemental Analysis of Frog Eggs and Oocytes by LA-ICP-MS
PST008.pdfLSX-266; LSX-500Poster: Laser Ablation GC-MS: New Instrument Interface for In Situ Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds
PST009.pdfLSX-213Poster: Line Scan Methods for Quantitative Analysis of Teeth, Otolith, and Banded Iron by LA-ICP-MS
PST010.pdfU6000ATPoster: Optimization of Major and Trace Elements Determination in Acid Mine Drainage Water Samples by USN-ICP-OES
PST002.pdfAridus II; ASX-112FR; QuickWashPoster: A Specialized Desolvating Nebulizer System for Isotope Ratio Measurements with Multicollector ICP-MS
PST004.pdfAPS-1650; ASX-1400; IsoMistPoster: An investigation in to the use of sample introduction accessories to improve organic analysis on ICP
PST003.pdfSPR-IDAPoster: Batch-Mode Chelating Reagent for Seawater Aanalysis with Quadrupole ICP-MS
PST006.pdfLSX-266; LSX-500Poster: Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analyses of Geological Materials
PST007.pdfLSX-213Poster: Use of Cold Cell Assisted LA-ICP-MS to Detect Semiconductor Nanocrystals Metals Accumulated in Tissues of Exposed Animals
PST2015_WCP_U5000AT_USP232.pdfU5000ATPoster: Use of Ultrasonic Nebulization with ICP-AES for Enhanced Detection of Regulated Elements in Pharmaceuticals per USP <232>/<233>
PST2016_WPC_MVX.pdfMVX-7100Poster: Vortex Mixing Dilution System for ICP and ICP-MS
PST2016_WPC_SDX.pdfASX-560; SDX HPLDPoster: Vortex Mixing Dilution System for ICP and ICP-MS
PPT002.pdfSDS-550Presentation: Wine analysis A unique system from preparation to measurement
PST2015.02_WPC LSX-213G2_CraterMorphology.pdfLSX-213 G2Poster: Depth Dependent Crater Morphology in Laser Ablation
PST2015_Nanolytica.pdfHelEx II; LSX-213 G2Poster: Nanoparticle Mapping in Tissues by LA-ICP-MS
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