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 Application Areas


  • Micro-volume sampling at volumes as low as 5 μL 
  • Flow injection analysis
  • High purity applications
  • Micro-volume Injection System for ICP-MS


Specif​ication Title Specification Details
System Space Requirements (H x W x D) 45.7 cm x 66.1 cm x 50.8 cm
(18" x 26" x 20")​
Working ​Area

25.4 cm (10")
15.3 cm (6")​
Weight 29.5 kg (65 lbs)
Communication Interface 2 Serial Ports; USB (Virtual COM Port)
4 Auxiliary Inputs / 4 Auxiliary Outputs
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3.6 A
Rack Options VT-54 
Microtiter plates up to 384-wells
CETAC ASX-110 racks​​​



Pushing the boundaries of ICP MS applications 

At the 26th Goldschmidt Conference in Yokohama, Japan, Teledyne CETAC Technologies showcased a new analytical tool that can be used for high precision isotopic measurements of scientifically important components within geological/cosmochemical samples at low elemental abundances and volumes.  The MVX-7100 µL Workstation offers highly consistent, syringe driven, low volume and low flow rate sample introduction to MC-ICP-MS/ICP-MS instrumentation.  This technology opens the door to isotopic ratio determination whilst utilizing a material quantity that can be reduced by at least an order of magnitude whilst still maintaining precision and accuracy compared to standard analysis methods.  The possibility to analyse isotopic systems within samples previously thought to be present at too low an abundance can now be realized.