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 Application Areas

  • AridusII
    • U-Series dating measurements
    • W isotope ratio measurements


Specification​ Title Specification Details
Power Requirements 100 –240 V, 47–63 Hz, 3.3A
Voltage 24 VDC Power Supply
Argon Gas Flow 2 L/min (factory setting)
Height 14.3 cm (5.6 in.)
Width 6.7 cm (2.6 in.)
27.6 cm (10.9 in.)
Weight 1.07 kg (2.35 lbs)​


The QuickWash Fast Washout Accessory for the AridusII rapidly washes the inner wall of the PFA spray chamber, providing greatly reduced washout times for higher concentration analytes. The QuickWash can be operated in a manual or an automated mode, the latter in conjunction with the CETAC ASX-112 MicroAutosampler.

The introduction of higher (>1 mg/L) analyte concentrations is common with multicollector ICP-MS, a specialized instrument used for isotope ratio measurements.  While the Aridus II can greatly improve ICP-MS signal, the prolonged introduction of higher concentration samples can cause analyte and sample matrix buildup on the inner wall of the heated PFA spray chamber. This buildup can cause signal spikes and longer sample washout times.

The QuickWash Accessory is used during the rinse cycle of the AridusII to rapidly wash the inside of the spray chamber, greatly reducing washout times. The QuickWash controls a second pneumatic nebulizer that is positioned in the side-front of the spray chamber and generates a tangential aerosol to efficiently rinse the chamber.

The QuickWash uses a pumped liquid flow (1–2 mL/min using the ICP-MS peristaltic pump) and a high argon gas flow (2 L/min, teed from the AridusII sweep gas supply) for the rinse aerosol generation. The tilted position of the spray chamber prevents liquid from reaching the AridusII membrane desolvator and the on-board AridusII peristaltic pump will rapidly remove any liquid in the chamber to waste.

Wash times are preset in increments of 10 seconds up to 160 seconds, with a typical time range of 30 to 60 seconds. The QuickWash can be used manually or can be set to start automatically when used with the ASX-112FR MicroAutosampler. The QuickWash control box can be conveniently mounted on the left or right side of the AridusII, depending on the host ICP-MS configuration