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Low-flow liquid sample introduction for Aridus II

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Speci​fication Title Specification Details
Sample Uptake Rates 50µL/min, | 100µL/min | 200µL/min
Nebulizer Gas Flow Range 0.8 to 1.2 L/min
Nebulizer End (Outer Diameter) 6 mm 
Nebulizer Overall Length 820 mm (50, 200 µ​L/min versions)
1150 mm (100 µ​L/min version)
Nebulizer Uptake Line Length 745 mm (50, 200 L/min versions) 
1075 mm (100 µL/min version)
​​Warranty ​​12 month limited​​​​​


The C-Flow is a molded, fixed-capillary style PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) concentric nebulizer for the introduction of low-volume (<1 mL) samples to the Teledyne CETAC AridusII Desolvating Nebulizer System. The AridusII is used for signal enhancement / interference reduction with ICP-MS.

Inert Construction:  The inert, fluoropolymer construction of the C-Flow PFA Nebulizer allows introduction of all acids (including hydrofluoric acid), alkalis, and organic solvents.

Standard Size:  The C-Flow features a standard 6 mm diameter tip for easy installation to the AridusII heated PFA spray chamber.  The nebulizer gas supply is from the host ICP-MS instrument, with 4 mm diameter tubing attaching directly to the C-Flow nebulizer side gas inlet port.

Optimized for the AridusII / ASX-112FR: C-Flow PFA nebulizers for the AridusII are factory adjusted for best performance in the heated PFA spray chamber and feature a built-in autosampler probe for connection to the Teledyne CETAC ASX-112FR MicroAutosampler.

Low-Flow Rates Available:  The C-Flow PFA Nebulizer for the AridusII is available in three self-aspiration flow rates of 50ml/min, 100mL/min, and 200mL/min.​