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Combined wash-in and wash-out times of < 20 ms allow the user to resolve individual single pulses at sample rates of up to 30 Hz for biological materials and up to 60 Hz for geological materials.


​Compilation of raw transient signals of the laser firing while raster scanning an area at 20, 40 and 60 Hz, showing baseline separation of individual laser pulses using the HelEx II 2-volume cell (courtesy of the University of Ghent).

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​The Aerosol Rapid Introduction System (ARIS) connects a HelEx II laser ablation cell to an ICP-MS instrument with minimal transfer volume. The ARIS delivers the sample directly to the torch without the use of internal valves, providing fast washout.

aris-diagram.jpgThe ARIS kit is a set of components designed to reduce the dead volume inside the cell and up to the torch to fully utilize the performance characteristics of the standard HelEx II cell. The use of thin PEEK tubing has the added benefit of being insensitive to moderate bends in the transfer line so that peak shape and fractionation performance is maintained from all areas of the cell.