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Specification Title​ Specification Details
Dimensions (H x W x D) 78 cm x 58 cm x 61 cm
(30.5" x 22.8" x 23.8")
Door Dimensio<>ns (H x W)​  51 cm x 48 cm
(19.9" x 18.9")
Opening Dimensions (H x W) 47 cm x 45 cm
(18.75" x 17.75")
Materials Walls: 1/4" acrylic
Hinges: Acrylic
Seals: EDPM Foam
Adhesive: Ethylene dichloride glue, thermoset bonded
Exhaust 4", 5", or 6" fume hood exhaust attachments
Optional Accessories Flow meter (up to 5 L per minute)
HEPA filter
Positive pressure fan​​​​



Maximize sample integrity with the ENC-560 Integrated Anti-Contamination Enclosure and promote safety in the lab without compromising convenience. The metal-free, acrylic enclosure isolates samples from external impurities. HEPA filtration cleans the air above the samples while downward airflow maximizes evacuation efficiency. Corrosive vapors are swept away from the autosampler electronics, improving autosampler reliability and longevity. The vent chimney is attached to the outside of the enclosure to prevent external contamination.

The ENC 560 attaches directly to the ASX-560 Autosampler, using no additional bench space and leaving the pump, tubing, power switch, and cables completely accessible on the outside. The reversible front door allows sample access with any lab configuration. The ENC-560 is available as an upgrade to the ASX 560 or can be pre-installed.

Features and Benefits​

  • Available as ASX-560 Upgrade Or, Can Ship Pre-Installed
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Downward airflow
    • Efficient evacuation of sample chamber
    • Airflow over samples is filtered
  • Integrated Footprint
    • No additional bench space required
  • No Internal Metal Components
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Low Sample Contamination
  • Reversible Door
    • Flexible lab space configuration
  • Accessible Components
    • USB, power, pump tubing access
  • Flexible Attachments
    • Multiple Vent Connection options
    • Bulkheads and flexible tubing attachments
    • Sample tubing can exit on either side of enclosure
    • Positive airflow fan option available
  • All openings are sealed
  • Magnetic door closure
  • Compatible with ASX-560, SDX-HPLD and ASXpress Plus