2019 Shows

Dates​ ​Show Booth # ​Location ​Website
February 3—8
European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry
Pau, France winterplasma19.sciencesconf.org
March 17—21 Pittcon
2517 Philadelphia, PA pittcon.org
​April 16-18
​Reliable Plant / Noria
​Perkin Elmer Booth #314

​Cleveland, OH

We will have the Oils 7400 and ASXpress in the Perkin Elmer Booth (#314) at this conference.
June 30—July 3 International Symposium on Metallomics   Warsaw, Poland metallomics2019.pl
August 5—9 NEMC (National Environmental Monitoring Conference)
  Jacksonville, FL nemc.us
August 18—23 Goldschmidt2019
  Barcelona, Spain goldschmidt.info/2019
September 4—6 JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show)   Chiba-city, Chiba, Japan  jasis.jp/en/
September 9—12 BioProcess International   Boston, MA  lifesciences.knect365.com/bioprocessinternational/
September 22—25 Geoloical Society of America Annual Meeting   Phoenix, AZ  geosociety.org/GSA/Events/Annual_Meeting/GSA/Events/gsa2019.aspx
September 24—26 Analytica Latin America   Sao Paulo, Brazil  analiticanet.com.br/en
October 8—11 ACIL (American Council of Independent Laboratories) Annual Meeting   Nashville, TN  acil.org/page/755
October 13—18 Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT) Annual Meeting   San Antonio, TX soft-tox.org
October 15—16 Gulf Coast Conference   Galveston, TX gulfcoastconference.com
October 21—24
Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) Annual Conference   Amherst, MA aehsfoundation.org/East-Coast-Conference.aspx
November Spectrometry Society   Charleston, SC ourcon.org
December 9—13 AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, CA